ADXL AI is a clever tool developed with Artificial Intelligence that simplifies and enhances your digital advertising endeavors. This platform is compatible with commonly used platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter as well as retail channels like Google Shopping, Amazon Ads, and Facebook & Instagram shop ads. It's easy to use--simply provide information about the product you wish to sell, your target audience, and the amount you wish to spend. ADXL will handle the rest, allowing you to save time and money. In addition, the program is exceptionally proficient at managing and optimizing your campaigns for the best possible results. Retargeting, tracking conversions, and event tracking are all functions automated through ADXL, resulting in a reduction of your workload by 80% while spending is decreased by 30%. Ultimately, you'll be able to reach more customers with better efficiency and lower costs.

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