About CodeMate

Codemate is an innovative AI software designed to improve your coding experience. With its Visual Studio Code extension, Codemate provides a rapid and efficient way for you to write code with fewer errors. Autocorrecting mistakes within the coding environment, Codemate saves you time and effort.

Beyond being a useful debugging tool, Codemate is equipped with GPT-4 and features Codemate Chat; this technology allows you to ask questions specific to your codebase receive tailored answers. For assurance this chat function operates using end-to-end encryption, keeping your conversations secure.

In conjunction with debugging capabilities, Codemate offers a thorough code review. Following best practices in software development, Codemate produces a report on code performance and excellence with a programming score; all of this information helps you improve your coding skills and write up production-ready code.

Codemate is compatible with over 12 programming languages and various pricing plans for your convenience. Utilizing industry-standard encryption and security protocols, Codemate ensures your code's privacy and security remains intact. Whether you need help resolving coding errors, code reviews, or coding optimizations, Codemate can provide the assistance you seek.

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