About CopernicAI

Copernicai is a powerful AI technology that specializes in generative AI 3D landscapes. It begins by utilizing a unique 2+1d process for forming generative channels. This technique includes the newest research posted in prestigious deep learning gatherings. With this specific strategy, Copernicai provides the capability to create generative 2+1d environments, and progress is being made towards the ultimate aspiration of finished ai-made 3d scenes.

One of the stimulating aspects of Copernicai is the production of artificial intelligence-produced 360° panoramas and tiny planets. Users can sample out the alpha variant of this feature which has noticeable enhancements in terms of precision in comparison to the pre-alpha version, with more improvements underway. Individuals can download and peruse an array of panoramic profiles, consisting of mollweide, little planet, and equirectangular forms.

Furthermore, Copernicai offers the opportunity to cultivate 2+1d terrains employing panoramic photos and video recordings. Customers can create these immersive worlds and navigate through them even in virtual reality using their Quest headsets (contact the team for access.) It's an AI methodology to scalable panoramic building blocks that continues to be a principal area of development for Copernicai. Even though this tool is currently in its initial pre-alpha stage, it is constantly updating and has expectations for what’s to come in the future, including the launch of complete 3d worlds. Users can stay informed by registering for their mailing list or sending an email to receive alerts and revelations concerning future closed alpha releases.

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