About Dify

dify is a versatile platform powered by GPT-4 models designed for creating and managing AI-driven applications. It provides a user-friendly interface for teams to craft AI solutions and centrally manage them with ease. With dify, users can easily develop AI-enabled apps for either personal or public use, then deploy them in an expeditious manner (5 minutes or less).

The platform is integrated with numerous features such as a storyteller bot for responding to questions, a SQL generator for transforming natural language into SQL, a code converter for changing programming languages, and a text generator for concentrating key facts. ChatGPT plugins are also supported in dify, offering capabilities such as searching, connecting to a database, handling sensitive words, and providing API accessibility. It likewise works with GPT-4 models, providing a seamless experience for model access, contextual embedding, budget management, and data labeling.

Using the prompt for visual composition and its robust functionality, producing AI apps for product development can be done quickly through dify. Plus, API integration and the complete integration of plugins are available for in-depth operations. Users can further refine the AI applications by monitoring logs and tagging data to improve the AI's judgement process. Two kinds of applications are available on dify: dialogue and text generation, and the source code is open to the public on GitHub.

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