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Echofox is an AI-driven personal assistant that gives rapid transcription services for voice memos. With echofox, there is no need to spend time listening to extended recordings. Just send your audio notices to echofox and obtain a precise and swift transcription account. Relied on by over 500 professionals, echofox is your go-to AI assistant for dealing with those voice memos on WhatsApp.

One of its primary features is the capacity to convert speech messages in several languages, counting English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Italian. echofox makes use of cutting-edge technologies to ensure an elevated level of precision in the transcription of sound. Your transcriptions are protected and kept private by industry-standard encryption, while echofox operates under rigid data conservation and deletions regulations in concurrence with industry rules.

Using echofox is uncomplicated and intuitive. Simply forward your audio notes and receive the transcript shortly after. It is functional with voice messages initiated by multiple speakers, although it is optimized for single speaker memos. It also converts different audio formats, including WhatsApp audio notes, MP3, and WAV, and has cutting-edge noise reduction technology designed to decipher sound in loud environments.

To suffice diverse prerequisites and funds, echofox proposes different pricing plans, with more tiers to be released soon. It is convenient to synchronize with a host of apps, counting Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Telegram.

The delivery time for transcriptions varies subject to the duration of the audio note, with most recordings processed within seconds up to a few minutes. echofox can interpret extended sound notes, with a maximum running time of 120 minutes.

In consideration of all this, echofox empowers you to resume command of your attention and fixate on your task by providing precise and speedy conversions for voice memos. It is a reliable and proficient instrument for professionals occupied with voice notes on a daily basis.

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