About Frex is an AI tool created to make financial analysis easier. With its help, users can quickly gather detailed information from SEC filings by utilizing AI, thus avoiding any manual data crunching. The software gives the ability to acquire knowledge-based data up to September 2021. <br><br>The program is set up to where users can access it in three different ways: asking questions, designing graphs, and producing reports. Asking inquiries has the potential of unlocking precious financial understanding, enabling an interactive experience. <br><br>Along with this, generating charts as well as visualizing data are also made simple, providing helpful insights and the capacity to accurately communicate sophisticated information. On top of this, gathers key figures from SEC filings and creates professional PowerPoint documents, optimizing time and accuracy. <br><br>Comprehensive knowledge such as earnings per share, net income, and basic diluted earnings per share can be received for companies like Apple Inc. However, the system does not provide real-time data retrieval.

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