About GPTEngineer

GPT Engineer is an open source AI tool that enables users to define the desired codebase with a simple conversation involving the user and the AI. It facilitates a straightforward and adaptable user experience that is personalized to your requirements. You are able to provide a prompt that serves as the basis of the code generated. GPT Engineer holds a high value in terms of prompting and provides a rapid interchange between the AI and the human. It also offers the capability for resumable computing and long-term storage in the filesystem. <br><br>The features that it consists of are additional AI identities to select from, storage for interaction history with GPT4, and a replay of message logs. If you would like to become involved with the development, the GitHub repository provides details on the roadmap, projects, and issues. GPT Engineer was crafted to be an open platform for developers to construct with their individual code-generation toolbox.

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