About HeyPhoto

Heyphoto is an AI-powered image enhancement and editing application developed with drag-and-drop ease of use. Employing high-quality plugins, the software enables users to edit SVG icons and also presents the choice to cleanscrub backgrounds from photos. Amongst its features is a "smart upscaler" that elevates resolution, as well as a "face swapper" tool formulated to aid in producing professional-level face swaps. Furthermore, the tool provides AI-created images and a featured anonymizer for safeguarding personal identity.

Heyphoto allows for the customization of images by using AI to adjust a range of facial features such as gaze direction, nose shape, age, and skin hue. It also enables you to customize and manipulate facial expressions and feelings. The utility has APIs for generated pictures, smart upscaler, and background remover that can be used to refine selfies, transfigure gender/ age, modify skin tone, and try new hairstyles.

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