This AI tool is intended for crafting AI chat characters. It supplies sophisticated AI models as well as an upgrade for ChatGPT. It also has the AI voice component for customizing chatbot voices. Automatic sleep patterns are included, and it includes sad, happy, and angry emotions and states. Moreover, users have access to a text editor to author datasets that do not have to be based on AI-based generation. They can also compile an image songbook for their AI chatbot. Live chats are enabled with the multi-chatbot maker and private messaging to ensure data secrecy.

This program is suitable for pursuits like roleplay, companionship, knowledge exchange and gaming. Users can hang out in private and public chats with their AI bots. Additionally, various features and characters can be selected and the tool is updated regularly. Also, it is compatible with Discord for using as a bot in your chatroom. Furthermore, a platform for direct conversation with developers is accessible for getting tips and support.

AI Human

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