About Kreado AI

KreadoAI offers a state-of-the-art AI video creation platform that makes it easier to generate digital human-like videos. With a wide variety of images across different ages, colours, and occupations, KreadoAI is suited to cater to an array of requirements. Users are also able to create realistic AI voices that emulate human speech in more than 140 languages, including Chinese, English, Portuguese, Hindi, and Indonesian. This technology allows for the substitution of human camera operators with AI, reducing production costs to nothing.

In addition, KreadoAI is equipped with AI marketing copywriting that allow for localised advertising campaigns tailored to the user. The AI image processing tool is also capable of recognising and cutting away a photo’s background automatically. What’s more - with the AI face swap function, it is effortless to swap people’s heads onto other images or videos in a natural and copyright-free manner.

KreadoAI’s aim is to simplify the entire creative process when it comes to marketing and drive better outcomes for its users.

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