About is a cutting-edge collaboration platform and cloud-based proofing system specifically designed for video production teams. Offering an array of features such as video annotation, audio annotation, storyboard creation, and AI prompts, sets the standard for TV, film, and explainer video use cases. <br><br>At the core of the platform lies its video proofing capabilities, enabling users to leave precise feedback via visual markers, drawings, and file comments. Plus, its frame-by-frame and loop review modes enable users to detect the slightest changes and point out specific areas for repeated viewing. <br><br> simplifies the production process, providing essential components without overwhelming the user. It allows users to set up custom pipelines, organize project steps by folders, manage assets, and add multiple file types. <br><br>Teams are able to assign tasks to each project step, add messages to the to-do list, and track deadlines, statuses, and versions in one place. It also offers clients quick and easy online proofing options, which come with visual commenting and automatic timestamping, accelerating the feedback process and yields more time for creativity. <br><br> provides insight into the progress of projects, impeccable customer service, and improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, it gives users a more comprehensive view of their workflow through features like Gantt chart and calendar views that are beneficial for remote teams. <br><br>Moreover, integrates with other platforms, granting teams and clients the convenience of an invitation-only system without the need for sign-ups. This ensures a frictionless process and unrivalled customer service. <br><br>All in all, is an intuitive and efficient solution for managing video production projects and guaranteeing seamless team and client communication. Its wide range of features and user-friendly interface make it a top choice for creative collaboration and online proofing.

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