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Leexi is a platform of conversational intelligence with a series of features that upgrade your AI-supported gatherings. One of the most outstanding features is the AI-responsive meeting summation, allowing you to transcribe, examine, and sum up phone calls and video meetings rapidly. With Leexi, you can surpass quotas, accelerate the onboarding process, and engineer follow-up emails, ensuring that each exchange with your clients makes a difference.

Leexi gives your sales squad the apparatuses they need to seal deals and increase their success rate, using data-driven conversational intelligence. By providing an understandable call library, Leexi reduces onboarding time allowing you to quickly benefit from the knowledge of your experts. The auto note-taking characteristic is another beneficial resource, automatically transcribing calls and doling out summarized call notes instantly to your CRM by email.

Leexi makes it simple for your teams to join together through live remarks and notes provided during the call, allowing them to collaborate in nearer ways. Customizable call summaries are provided in your CRM, displaying pertinent knowledge and insights about what causes your salespeople to succeed. Adding to the comfort of use, integrations through APIs guarantee maximum usage of VoIP, conferencing, schedule, CRM, and communication apparatuses.

Many companies all over the world trust Leexi to safeguard essential data. Credit is given to its efficacious features, such as programmed call summaries and simple CRM integration, guaranteeing an unrivaled, individualized customer experience. The user-friendly interface needs a minimal amount of tutelage, and the AI analytics provide rapid summaries of call patterns and statistics, improving your sales team’s capabilities and permitting them to constantly fulfill and go beyond quotas.

In short, Leexi is a potent conversational intelligence platform that opens up the full possibilities of your sales staff.

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