About PaLM 2

Google AI Palm 2 is a cutting-edge large language model made for tasking what complex cognitive challenges like coding math, categorization, responding to queries, interpretation, and the formation of natural language. It is crafted on a platform of responsible AI, established in meticulous examination of potential biases and harms, and evaluated for use in studies and production-oriented services. Palm 2 has been prepped by directing training to a plethora of human development languages, mathematical musings, scientific records, web content, as well as other parallel multilingual texts. It also utilizes compute-efficient enlargement, fortified blend of datasets, and updated model architecture for making state-of-the-art comeupances in benchmark reasoning, multilingual translation activities, and the aptitude of toxicity recognition. Further, Palm 2 also comes to support tools like Bard Palm API that can bolster cooperation, competence, and invention through generative AI features. With this API, developers can get hold of tools for teaching and experimenting with generative AI.

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