Paxton AI brings a revolutionary artificial intelligence platform tailored to legal professionals in law offices and corporate legal departments. It streamlines research and drafting procedures to augment accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. The platform hosts an extensive compilation of legal works, from the Code of Federal Regulations to all 50 states' statutes and regulations, as well as case law libraries and selected regulator guidance documents. Furthermore, custom uploads of firm-related materials and precedents are supported. Paxton AI assists by creating memos, briefs, and customercommunications based on personalized templates and formatting citations with Bluebook style. It has a unique feature enabling comparison of changing law and regulations over time. The software can audit documents for adherence to regulations, track live feeds for relevant regulatory changes, and reveal complex matters in legal briefs or training guides. Ensuring utmost security in the legal sector, Paxton AI deploys behind firewalls with an on-premises option, granting access to data by practice group or matter, controlling user access, and providing rigorous usage auditing. Paxton AI is more than a simple utility; it's a boon to the legal profession, freeing practitioners from tedious research and drafting and facilitating more time for strategic, premier work.

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