About Recolorai

Recolor AI is an AI-based app focused on recoloring caricatures and illustrations. Artists are able to quickly transform a photograph into a rich, vibrant image by simply uploading a picture to the tool. Producing a beautiful result in mere seconds, the tool allows users to select from over 20 exclusive designs. Furthermore, users have the choice to sign in with Google and explore suggested prices.

Boasting various topics such as cats, dogs, Asians, Indians, Africans, Europeans, Hispanics/Latinos, and Middle Easterners, Recolor AI offers an extensive selection of wallpaper styles, including modern, minimalistic, impressionistic, portrait, abstract expressionism, pop art, retro noir, vibrant whimsy, cubist imagination, boho, ethereal, punk, graffiti, fairy dream, glamour luxe, vintage chic, boho sunset, pastel pop art, elegant minimalistic, romantic watercolor, retro polaroid, dazzling disco, nature whisperer, breezy beach, luminous noir, ballet blush, candy pop, urban chic, rugged natural, urban edge, classic gentleman, bold monochrome, vintage rocker, industrial steel, sophisticated noir, maritime adventurer, rustic cowboy, and neon nightlife.

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