About Scrimba

Scrimba is an interactive online learning platform designed to teach aspiring frontend developers. Instead of investing in expensive coding bootcamps, Scrimba offers an affordable career path to becoming a hireable developer.

The platform provides a unique learning experience through interactive screencasts, allowing users to edit code in real-time, akin to pair programming. Scrimba also boasts a vibrant online community where learners can share code, seek help, get career advice, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Scrimba's curriculum covers web development and guides learners on job-hunting techniques, like building a portfolio, enhancing LinkedIn profiles, and practicing coding interview questions. They also arrange live events including Town Hall chats, expert interviews, and live-coding shows to foster a collaborative learning environment.

The platform is populated by handpicked industry experts as teachers, who cumulatively reach over one million students. Upon completion, learners earn a certificate, endorsing their frontend development skills. Scrimba also highlights the growing job market for frontend developers and the competitive salaries in the field.

Courses on Scrimba are self-paced, and support is provided through peer-to-peer interactions. In addition, they offer team plans and a wide range of courses, some of which are available for free upon account registration.

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