About Text2SQL.AI makes generating SQL queries quick and easy without having to memorise syntax. It recognises plain text instructions and is able to transfer complex language into SQL, as well as providing explanations in easy-to-understand English. Alongside its database compatibility with popular types such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Snowflake and BigQuery, the tool is also able to generate Excel formulas, Google Sheets formulas and regular expressions. With various pricing plans on offer, ranging from free to paid options, users are granted access to AI SQL generation, explanation, optimisation, error-fixing and support for custom database schemas. is beneficial for learners who are new to SQL, as well as seasoned professionals such as data analysts, data scientists, data engineers and software developers. However, users are encouraged to double-check the precision of the output, as occasionally the state-of-the-art natural language processing may be slightly inaccurate.

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