About Three Sigma

Three Sigma is a cutting-edge AI research tool that can significantly decrease the amount of time taken to read documents by up to 90%. It has an advanced search engine that makes it easier to search for the required data. Its main feature is the Imagine Assistant, which can answer inquiries and furnish information from documents while eradicating the need for manual reading, as well as the requirement for black-box AI systems.

Moreover, users can gain access to the capacities of its ChatGPT plugin directly from their Three Sigma accounts. This increases convenience as it allows users to review documents within a "solo mode" environment akin to ChatGPT, without having to commence a fresh thread. As an added bonus, Three Sigma is constantly evolving; plans are currently in motion to include reference tables, charts, and even GPT-4 activities to the platform, unlocking a variety of novel possibilities that were previously inconceivable.

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