About is a powerful to-do list and project management app that is designed to help users get rid of cluttering tasks and get organized. It uses AI-driven task generation to automate the task creation process for greater productivity and efficiency. The app also offers exciting integrations with Google and Facebook for streamlined collaboration. offers a wide range of helpful features like adding tasks, setting reminders, due dates and attachments, to help users balance their work responsibilities. This helps reduce stress and anxiety that comes from feeling disorganized. Other features include tracking progress with detailed statistics, creating and sharing multiple projects, and assigning tasks to team members.

Available on the web and as a mobile app for iOS and Android, empowers users to take control of their to-do lists and projects anywhere, anytime, with the data automatically syncing across devices. This allows users to prioritize tasks, manage time more effectively, collaborate on projects and ensure everyone is on the same page with minimal effort.

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