About Tomat.AI is an AI-based tool that makes it easy for data professionals to investigate and process large CSV files without the need for complex scripting or uploading them to the cloud. With, you can quickly open and analyze big CSV files with only a few clicks, providing valuable time savings. The user-friendly and intuitive interface makes it a breeze to sort, filter, and organize data, allowing for an effortless experience. <br><br>An important advantage of is the chance to merge multiple CSV files into one, removing the headache of disorganized data layers. Additionally, you can add columns from one table to another without the requirement for complicated functions. And keeps your data secure, since the program solely operates on your personal computer and files are not transmitted from your machine. <br><br> is suitable with Windows, MacOS, and Linux, and is compatible with other file formats too, which include Excel files, PostgreSQL, and Snowflake connectors. The application is continuously broadening its abilities to serve even more file formats in the future. <br><br>Getting started with is straightforward - you only need basic understanding of Excel and no special knowledge is required. Simply download and install, upload your CSV or Excel file, and use the pre-programmed AI functions to clean, analyze, interpret, and enrich your data. <br><br> provides a free community version that never expires, permitting you to investigate and refine your data without any restrictions.

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