Vidds is a video automation tool that streamlines the production process for users; allowing them to generate videos in 30 seconds or less. It includes an AI video maker, text video builder, and tweet video generator, which require a keyword phrase or pasted text to craft videos with a range of stock video assets. Moreover, the content planner utilizes AI to suggest ideas or topics for videos with just one click to create them.

Focusing on speed and ease in the video creation process, this tool has a range of usage, such as producing Shopify product clips, social media, Instagram stories, Facebook ads, digital property, YouTube, email marketing, company branding, banners, and news as well as informative videos. It has various editing options like adding text, pictures, watermarks, audio, and subtitles, combining and filtering videos. Additionally, it offers a free video converter and cutter. Unfortunately, pricing plan details are not currently included.

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